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Team Building

Team Building is a great way for companies to get their staff to talk to each other and learn how to use each others strengths for the good of the team. It is also an excellent morale booster and a perfect method of honing business skills, such as communication, planning and problem solving, outside of the classroom. So whether you want to treat your staff to a fun day out, or are looking for less formal staff development, we have something to suit everyone.

In addition to the activity a client chooses, teambuilding delegates will also enjoy the warm hospitality of The Wessex Conference Centre staff, who will oversee all the venue arrangements and take care of meals and refreshments on the day.

For team building sessions over a period of days, clients will be offered accommodation in Westley Court, while larger groups can use the College’s Halls of Residence during vacation time.

We can cater for any size of group and can provide team building solutions from ice breakers to events that run over a number of hours or even days, if required. Both indoor and outdoor activities are available, all of which have been risk assessed and will be carried out under the watchful eye of experienced staff. All activities are fully insured.




Teambuilding image

Teambuilding image